Since 1954, ALFAGRES has manufactured innovative floor and wall tile solutions for residential and commercial applications. The first Alfagres production was “terrazzo tile”, followed by split quarry and ceramic tile.

For more than 60 years, Alfagres has demonstrated unwavering commitment to quality, fashion, reliability and integrity.

In 1984 ALFAGRES launched its first North American distribution center in Miami. Additional distribution centers soon followed in Houston and Los Angeles. Quality manufacturing and innovative design are at the forefront of a flourishing commercial expansion throughout the US, Canada and Caribbean. Alfagres products are distributed by close to fifty independent importers, hundreds of floor covering dealers and ceramic tile retail stores.

Alfagres´ head quarters are located in Bogotá, Colombia. Our geographic location poses a strategic advantage, allowing very low lead times to the North & Central American and Caribbean markets. Our sales for North America, the Caribbean, Europe & Asia are managed from Miami FL, USA. There are three distribution centers for the North American Market: Miami, Los Angeles and Dallas. Sales for central and South America are managed from Bogota, Colombia.
At Alfagres we believe that low prices are not an alternative to sacrifice quality and good service. This is the reason why we have updated our entire warehouse replenishing system SAP. Our biggest asset in Alfagres is our people and their conviction to give our customers an excellent service through our Customer Service Center, our sale reps, dedicated designers our exhibition plant in Colombia.

We are a big family called Alfagres. We believe that strong family values are the basic building blocks for a better society. These principals are stressed through concrete programs offered to our workers and their families in the company. The Cayenne Foundation aims to help and support a community near our plant in  Barranquilla.

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At Alfagres we take our environmental responsibility very strongly. From using recycled packing materials, to every day making our ceramic industrial process substantially lower in emissions compared to the traditional process ones. We reclaim 85% of our water used in our different manufacturing plants. We follow a strict solid waste management program as well as hazardous solid waste one.
Cost efficient practices have always made sense and are aligned with our  environmental compromise. We make sure our clay quarries are re-planted and recovered.

Environmental impact in the area is constantly measured in our facilities. We not only promote special lines like our Gema Glass that is a Hand crafted and 100% made from recycled bottles but in our designs include accents of them in other lines as a part of a collection.

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